MJONESMOTIVATION - Empower Yourself For Success
Myran Jones is a native Houstonian and a former football player from the University of Houston who has almost a decade under his belt speaking to audiences of various ages and backgrounds. He has spoken at the middle and high school levels, college and university levels, as well as to business owners on topics such as success, leadership, attitude, goal setting, and association. He has been a regular speaker for the Future Business Leaders of America, and formally Camp Enterprise, sponsored by the Houston Rotary Club.   Mr. Jones has also spoken at various churches on how success principles line up with the bible and to political organizations as well as having been featured at black history programs. He has been interviewed on  several different radio shows to address issues such as business ownership, black empowerment, leadership, success principles, finding your motivation, men’s and women's issues, and relationships. His motivational e-book, What Are You Afraid Of?, and his new release on black culture, But Hey, What Do I Know??,  are available on Amazon, as well as the latter being available on Barnes & Noble. He runs and operates two businesses.

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Houston,Texas 77233
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