MJONESMOTIVATION - Empower Yourself For Success
You came across exactly how I hoped you would.--Pastor Yuri Solomon, New Life Baptist Church
My class consists of students with learning disabilities and mild retardation. Myran spoke to my students about self worth, attitude, perseverance, and self determination. He gave the kids an opportunity to ask questions about his personal and professional life. The kids were pleased to have him give suggestions on being a productive citizen. It was a great pleasure to have this young man speak positive thoughts to our future.--Sharicka Freeman,Carter G.Woodson M.S.
Great job Myran!  You let it all hang out!  You encouraged! You educated!  You addressed all the topics relating to Success, Motivation, Goal Setting and you finished strong!  Les Brown better watch out, there's a new guy in town.  His name is Myran Jones!--Terry Hall
The student's enjoyed Myran's talk. The comments I received related to his commanding presence and his food for thought tidbits.--Amalia Alcoriza, Carnegie Vanguard H.S.
My students were excited when you spoke to them because they expected it to be boring.--Coach Sample, Hargrave H.S.
The students were engaged the entire time.-Ricky Piwonka, --Texas Tech
We would love to have you back on our campus when you have the time.--Amany Khalil, Counselor, Rick Schneider Middle School
The message came across at just the right time for our students.--Mrs. Garcia, Rick Schneider Middle School 
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